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Construction Accident Attorneys Los Angeles

Construction Accident Lawyers Los AngelesHave you been involved in a construction accident in Los Angeles and aren’t quite familiar with details of personal injury law to ensure that you will get what you are entitled? Then you need to contact The Haggai Law Firm to help you handle your claim. You can count on The Haggai Law Firm to help you navigate through this difficult time. If you are facing a construction accident in Los Angeles, we will help you get what your employer owes you while remaining on the right side of the law.

Dealing with a Construction Accident

The right lawyer will offer personalized attention and exceptional counsel to make sure your needs are met. The Haggai Law Firm brings personalized service to all prospective clients. Because we focus exclusively on personal injury cases, we are extremely familiar with California law concerning personal injury, specifically construction accidents.  We can help you file your claims while staying within the confines of the Personal Injury Law.

Any construction worker that has experienced a personal injury on the job needs to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney. A minimal worker’s compensation program would offer little assistance in helping you gain full recovery, both physically and financially. You should be compensated for any and all expenses accrued through medical bills as well as any loss of income and it’s just as important that your case get the support of a qualified personal injury attorney to bring justice for yourself and your family.

Workers’ compensation reimbursement to replace a worker’s earnings, temporary handicap, is strictly limited to 2/3’s of your personal salary and restricted in time very that you will go without, employment in distress, or bankrupt. Forfeited pay in a case is logical and not limited.

  • Construction Site Accident Slips, Death, Backside accidental injury, Neck injury and Laceration
  • Construction Site Personal injury
  • Incidents, Electrical Accidental injuries, Electrocution
  • Traffic Management, car or truck crashes at construction sites
  • Scaffold Injury, Brain personal injury, Crown personal injury
  • Crane Disasters
  • Trench Disasters
  • Construction Appliances Accidents, Amputation, Crushing
  • Impalement, Iron Laborers & Welding Mishaps
  • Superintendent Oversight
  • General Contractors’ Delay / Neglectfulness and Unsafe Acts
  • Wrongful Death

Hire a Lawyer with the Right Specialization

The Haggai Law Firm has extensive experience in handling cases that involves construction accident and worker’s compensation. Getting help from someone who is well-versed with the different areas of personal injury law will see to it that your rights will be upheld and get the compensation you deserve.

The Haggai Law Firm of Los Angeles offers compassion and dedication along with our years of experience in construction injury cases and will not only help you ensure that you will get the compensation that you are entitled, but also carry out the necessary steps to ensure the California construction sites are much safer. Our goal is to help minimize the possibility of a construction accident occurring again in the future. Hiring the best lawyer will not only help you get what you are due, but also help the industry to ensure safer work areas for construction workers in Los Angeles.

Hire the Best Attorney in California

If you think that you will have to deal with Personal Injury Law by yourself, there is no need to worry. With the help of an attorney or lawyer from The Haggai Law Firm, you will be getting the help from some of the best law professionals in Los Angeles. This means that you will not have any problem getting the compensation that you deserve because of your construction accident. Your construction accident attorney will not only help you get what you are due, but he will also help you ensure that your work environment will be much safer in the future.

I have represented many individual over the years with industrial injuries including exposures to industrial toxins such as asbestos.  When someone is injured on the job and someone other than their employer is responsible for the harm caused to them, their exclusive remedy is not worker’s compensation.  I have extensive experience in representing individuals in these 3rd party cases helping folks with industrial injuries.  I had a notable industrial injury case wherein I represented an individual who fell while working on a roof of an unfinished building.  He was required to work at a height of 25 feet without any fall protection.  He fell from 25 feet one day at work.  As a result of this fall, our client suffered a severe spinal cord injury which left him in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic.  Ordinarily this would have been a workers’ compensation matter.  However, in this case, his employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance.  Therefore, we were able to sue his employer in civil court.  We were able to secure a several million dollar settlement from his employer as they fought a claim against their insurance company.

You do not have to search too far to find the best personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. If you are looking for a lawyer or attorney that can help you with filing claims for your construction accident in Los Angeles, then contact the The Haggai Law Firm for a free, confidential assessment.


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