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The Haggai Law Firm focuses in personal injury law offering dedicated representation to auto accident victims in Los Angeles and surrounding cities. People that have been injured in traffic accidents, workplace incidents, on business property, or due to malfunctioning equipment have the right to file legal claims for compensation. The Haggai Law Firm specializes in these types of cases, and handles legal matters such as wrongful termination, breach of contract, sexual harassment cases, fraud cases and other business litigation. Christa R. Haggai, Attorney-at-law, handles cases with professionalism, experience and sympathetic understanding.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

Most people have heard of multimillion-dollar awards in extreme cases, but even minor injuries could entitle victims to compensation. The Haggai Law Firm offers free consultations to help clients understand the merits of their cases. People with legitimate claims do not need extensive personal resources to file lawsuits. The firm accepts cases on a contingency basis, which means that clients only need to pay if they are awarded damages by a jury or in settlement agreements.

Personal injuries generate serious consequences. In many cases, auto accident victims lose time from work, experience pain and suffering, or their ability to work may be compromised by their injuries. If someone else’s actions, property, or negligence caused or contributed to the injuries, then victims have the right to seek damages in court. Injury cases can be complex, and they sometimes last for many years. At other times, insurance companies are quick to settle, but this often means they fear the prospect of paying out much higher awards if taken to court.

You are entitled to receive compensation for all loses that you have suffered, including any pain and suffering damages you suffered as a result of being injured.  You are entitled to recover any wages you lost for not being physically able to work as a result of your injuries.  You are also entitled to recover any loss to any property damage to your vehicle or other personal property that was damaged in the car wreck.

The Best Representation in Your Auto Accident Case

Deciding whether to sue, settle, or pursue a case can be confusing and emotionally charged. Legal advice helps people make important decisions about which course to pursue. Regardless, the best practice is to consult an attorney immediately after a car accident or other injury. Injury victims should always document the details of their car injuries, work injuries, or other legal claims.

  • Personal injury law requires documentation. After accidents, and if possible, victims should record license plate information, insurance coverage details, and the names and addresses of the drivers, passengers and witnesses.
  • The police should always be called after an accident. Copies of the police report might prove crucial to proving a case.
  • Photographs, video recordings, and accident details should be carefully recorded to verify and document the circumstances of the accident.
  • Injured victims should always seek qualified medical care after accidents to establish the nature, severity, and timing of the injuries.

Reputable Legal Advice from the Best Car Accident Firm in Los Angeles

The Haggai Law Firm wants to sit down with you and hear your story. From there you can be assured that we will use our expertise to give you the best advice possible. We pride ourselves in our ability to create a custom plan that will suit the needs of each individual client.

Types of auto accidents:

Victims of auto accidents, need compassionate legal representation and competent legal advice to move forward with making important decisions. The Haggai Law Firm brings a successful track record of winning large settlements to work for clients that have been injured or wronged in ways qualifying for legal action.

If you have been in an auto accident, you need an auto accident lawyer to represent your best interests. You shouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies on your own. They are trained to intimidate you and will do everything they can to hold on to their money. The Haggai Law Firm knows how to handle these situations and will fight for your rights so you can move on with your life. Call today 310-988-2420.

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